What is Esport Betting? Effective Esport Betting Strategy

What is Esport Betting
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Esport betting is a genre of online entertainment games that is very popular in the market. This is a game that you can find on most betting websites. With its rapid appearance, Esport betting has attracted a large number of players. In this article, let’s explore more about what Esport betting is and the interesting points it brings with 50JILI.

What is Esport Betting?

What is Esport Betting?
What is Esport Betting?

Esport betting is simply a form of betting on the results of e-sports matches or tournaments. We have many tournaments that are broadcast live every day, including betting on games such as League of Legends, DOTA2, Warcraft, Starcraft, CSGO, COD…

Compared to football betting, online Esport betting offers many new types of bets, helping players have more experiences and chances to win. You will have types of bets such as betting on the first winning team, betting on the over/under, or betting on the first goal scoring team are all examples.

In addition, the betting odds in Esport are often very attractive, and the redemption process is carried out safely and automatically. The bonus will be transferred directly to the winner’s account, ensuring transparency and convenience for players. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about when participating in this interesting betting method.

The Best Esports Games To Bet On Today

The eSports betting market is increasingly rich with many attractive options for players. Below is a list of prominent Esport titles that you should consider:

  • League of Legends.
  • CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).
  • Arena Of Valor.
  • Dota 2.
  • Overwatch.
  • Rainbow Six Siege.
  • Onmyoji Arena.

Each game title organizes a series of exciting, climax matches around the world. Players only need to have an account at reputable bookmakers to be able to watch the matches for free and participate in betting. Bookmakers will quickly update the results so that players can follow and make betting decisions.

What Are The Popular Types Of Esport Betting?

What Are The Popular Types Of Esport Betting?
What Are The Popular Types Of Esport Betting?

In online esports betting, we have many interesting types of bets that players can explore and try their hand at. Each type of bet has its own rules and characteristics, so players need to master it to have the right strategy. Below are some popular types of esports bets that you can refer to:

Match Time Betting

This type of bet focuses on the duration of the match. Players bet on whether the match will last longer or shorter than 15 minutes. This type of bet has quite high odds but also comes with a lot of risk, especially when predicting the exact time of the match.

Bet on Team to Get 5 Kills First

In this type of bet, players predict which team will get 5 kills first in the match. This is a popular bet and attracts many players because of its simplicity and high winning rate. However, you need to carefully evaluate the ability of each team to make the right decision.

Bet on the First Winner

Considered a type of bet that brings a sense of luck and is highly risky, this type of bet requires players to consider carefully before deciding to place a bet. No matter how strong the team is, no one can be sure whether they will win first or not. In sports, we will have surprises that happen at any time and change the situation immediately.

Handicap Bets

This type of bet is similar to Asian handicap in online football betting. The bookmaker will carefully analyze the match and the two teams, then give a suitable handicap. The stronger team will have to give the weaker team a specific number of points and the result of the bet will depend on this handicap.

Betting on the Champion

This type of bet lasts for 5 matches, so the risk of reversal is quite high. Therefore, players need to research and analyze carefully, apply appropriate tactics and experience. You also need to consider the bet amount to maximize profits and preserve your investment capital.

Experience In Esport Betting

Experience In Esport Betting
Experience In Esport Betting

The rules of esport betting seem simple, but to achieve big rewards, players can apply some of the following experiences:

Understand How to Bet on Odds

Understanding how to bet on different types of odds is one of the important strategies that you need to master, this helps you consider your betting capital and analyze more easily.

Control and Manage Finances

Set a limit for each bet and strictly follow it. If you exceed the set limit, you should stop to preserve your wallet. You can also divide the bet amount into smaller amounts to participate in many games, helping to limit the risk of loss.

Find Out Information

Before placing a bet, you should find out information about the teams and matches you are interested in. Bookmakers often provide complete data on achievements, form, rankings, and head-to-head history. You just need to rely on this information to be able to evaluate the winning ability of each team.


This is an article that answers your questions about what esport betting is. If you are a fan and want to explore this genre, register now to experience what we have shared.

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